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  1. Sunflowers, the summer plant

    Sunflowers, the summer plant

    Sunflowers or heliotropic, flowers say “summer” like no other plant. We love their big happy faces! Native to North America, sunflowers are heat-tolerant, resistant to pests and beautiful. The ultimate summer flower has been identified with the sun, the summer, the holidays, the carefree moments of the most beautiful time of the year. Sunflowers have big, daisy-like flower faces of bright yellow petals (and occasionally red and orange) and brown centers that ripen into heavy heads filled with seeds that you can even harvest them. Some sunflowers grow to over one meter in height, though there are also varieties today that have been developed for a pot on the balcony or small places.

    One of the key features of this flower is that its stem is turned towards the sunlight. If you are wondering why this happening, the answer is very simple ... the plant wishes to receive th

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  2. Fragrant Lavender Plant

    Fragrant Lavender Plant

    Lavender is a low shrub which with its pleasant fragrance, silver green leaves and the irresistible purple flowers it will capture your eyes. Originating from southern Europe and parts of Africa, Asia and India, many ancient and cultures relied on the herb not just for its characteristic scent but also its pain relieving and soothing properties. It is known as the herb with therapeutic and revitalizing benefits and stand out for the many uses.

    The most common species of lavender are three: Lavendula angustifolia, lavandula dentate and lavendula stoechas. The most popular from them is the lavendula angustifolia, because their fragrance and color is sweeter and more impressive. Contrary to the name, not all lavenders are purple. Some hybrids come in other lovely pastel hues such as violet blue, pale pink, white and even yellow. The leaves can also vary in shape and colo

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  3. Azalea plant

    Azalea plant

    Azaleas can become an amazing, colorful and drought hardy addition to any garden, patio or balcony. They are bright and a sure sign that spring has arrived.

    Azalea comes from India, Japan and China and is easy to grow, making a colorful complement to any landscape. Although it is considered an indoor plant, there are many species that grow as outdoor plants.  There are two types of azaleas.

    Evergreen azaleas (keep their leaves all year-round) are mostly natives of Japan, that’s why they are called Japanese azaleas, are smaller and slower growing reaching up to 90cm after ten years. Evergreen azaleas are suitable for container growing, due to their size or smaller gardens. Their small lance-shaped leaves often color up in autumn.

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  4. 12 + 1 Plants for Good Luck and Positive Energy

    12 + 1 Plants for Good Luck and Positive Energy

    We use plants to beautify and enrich our surroundings, environments and lives. Some plants do not only play these roles. They help enhance our environment with positive energy while purifying the air.

    Let's discover together some plants that will help you not only release the negative energy but also create the ideal conditions for well-being, relaxed mood and unsurpassed sense of rejuvenation.


    A favorite plant, jasmine attracts positive energy and helps strengthen relationships. Its sweet and pleasant scent not only reminds us of the summer carefree moments of our holiday, but it calms the mind and gives positive energy. Place the plant indoor, close to a window and ideally looking south. Instead, in the garden, it should be plac

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  5. Plants for cleaning indoor air

    Plants for cleaning indoor air

    Indoor plants not only help refresh your space they also make people feel better. For example, hospital patients with plants in their rooms were more positive and had lower blood pressure and stress levels. Also, indoor plants may make people stay alert and reducing mental fatigue. Use more houseplants to brighten up any house or office that is low maintenance and anyone can keep alive and thriving while adding a touch of class and beauty to indoor spaces.

    Houseplants are great indoor air cleaners but there are certain plants that are better than others at filtering out pollutants and toxic chemicals in the air. So, how do houseplants clean the air? Plants absorb some of the particulates from the air at the same time that they take in carbon dioxide, which is then processed into oxygen through photosynthesis. But that’s not all—microorganisms associated with the plant

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  6. Rose plant, the queen of flowers

    Rose plant, the queen of flowers

    Roses are definitely considered to be the queen amongst flowers in the garden regardless of whether a garden is classic or modern, large or small. They are easy to grow and come in a diversity of shapes, colors and fragrances to excite the senses. A rambling rose trained up a wall or pergola, standard roses along a garden path, or rose bushes in a traditional rose bed are all stunningly beautiful. Roses will also thrive in pots and containers on the patio or balcony and, of course, delightfully scented roses are excellent for cutting and will surely be remarked upon. Rose bushes come in a variety of forms, from climbing roses to miniature plants, flowering mainly in early summer and fall.

    Location of rose plant

    First, choose the variety proven in your climate and place your plant at a right spot, which

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  7. Spring blooming plants

    Spring blooming plants

    Spring has come and now is the right time to plant the most popular spring flowers. First you have to prepare yourself properly. Equip yourself with pots, shovels, carvings, soil, fertilizer and screens, wear gloves and gauntlets and get ready.

    If you do not know what plant or flower to plant, our list below will help.


    Pansies are the most popular ornamental plants with impressive flowering and rich colorful flowers. Plant pansies grow in a sunny spot in rich, well-drained soil. The plants can tolerate some dryness, but prefer to be just slightly moist at all times.

    Pansies are sometimes called heavy feeders, meaning they bloom best when fertilized regularly.

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  8. Gardenia, the fragrant plant

    Gardenia, the fragrant plant

    Gardenia comes from Africa and Asia and has conquered the whole world with its rich, white or ivory flowers and fragrance. Whether you grow them outdoors in the garden or indoors as houseplants, gardenias can thrive just about anywhere.

    Gardenias are available in shrub, tree and dwarf forms, many of which are suitable for potting. They typically grow to a height of 20 cm to 2 m depending on the variety. Bloom period: Typically May through June, with some varieties blooming into autumn. Color is typically white, with single or double blossoms ranging from 2 to 5 inches in diameter. Some cultivars have yellow blossoms. 


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  9. Hydrangea, the stunning plant

    Hydrangea, the stunning plant

    Hydrangeas plants with the stunning big flowers flaunt an old-fashioned charm that is hard to resist. Many call them grandmother's flower because hydrangea is a classic flower we meet in the yards of houses in villages and islands.

    Hydrangea, comes from the countries of East Asia and many say it originates from Japan. Hydrangea as a plant is an impressive shrub with large toothed leaves and spherical flowers. There are also varieties of climbing hydrangeas and indoor hydrangeas.

    Its flowers vary according to its variety. You will find it in about 80 kinds and many colors, such as white, pink, purple, blue, red, intense fuchsia and yellow.

    The color of its flowers depends on the variety of hydrangea but also on the pH of the soil.

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  10. Orchid, the exotic plant!

    Orchid, the exotic plant!

    Orchid, the exotic plant!

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